What is MaxClass?

MaxClass is a free* online communication platform for school and home. It makes it easy for schools to communicate with pupils, parents, teachers and other staff members. For parents it’s so much easier to get to know other parents and to stay involved. Watch the demo or read about  what people say.


MaxClass is a safe and private communication platform for everyone at home and at school. 



* The school, a teacher or a parent can start a free class or group (e.g. PTA) on MaxClass. This is free and offers a full service. You can then choose to start more free classes or groups. For schools that need more management features, a house style and other sharing options, MaxClass offers several low cost licenses.


Who needs MaxClass?


The school

Communicate with parents, teachers and others about school matters while you save time and money. Publish a calendar and send a newsletter to the right people with a few clicks. Stay in touch with parents!






Get to know pupils or students much quicker. Stay in touch with the parents, communicate with the whole class, upload learning materials, plan meetings and save time! 





Pupils / students

Keep in touch with your classmates when you’re at home, send messages, share documents you need for your homework and pictures, check the school calendar, pimp your profile and don’t worry about privacy!






Get to know each other, keep in touch with the school, check for news and events and never loose important school information again. MaxClass can also be used for the PTA and other types of groups within the school.








MaxClass Features

Classes and groups

Start a class, PTA or other type of group in minutes and invite pupils/students, parents and teachers – or any combination of these groups.
Filling a class or group is easy!
You can use MaxClass as a school intranet as well!




Add information, pictures and your address without losing your privacy.


MaxClass is based on privacy for its users without anonymity within the class or school so that pupils can safely communicate.




Messages and mail

Send a message with a picture of the sender to classmates, parents or teachers. Messages are stored in your Inbox but are also passed on to your mail. You can login to answer the mail or answer directly from your e-mail client without exchanging e-mail addresses. 


The school can easily send messages or newsletters to specific groups (like all parents, children in certain groups etc) or to the whole school.





MaxClass offers a wall which has become a well-known way of communicating. You can post homework assignments, short discussion or requests. Users can choose to receive notifications of these posts by e-mail. 



Share a calendar with the class, group or school. Plan meetings, vacations or share birthdays.


MaxClass sends out reminders and overviews of coming events. Users can decide how often.


Signup lists

Add a signup list to the calendar in no time. Simply add a time frame, add time slots and let parents or pupils signup. Everyone receives reminders and you can print the list for your convenience. 


Documents and portfolio folders

Safe group sharing of documents like Word, Excel, Open Office etc. or use of private folders for teachers and children and their parents for portfolios or private documents.



Safe sharing of pictures. Super fast upload and resizing.


You can share pictures with the whole school or with the class.




There are many more features that might interest you. Check out our video tour or start a free class now! www.maxclass.com/demo or Get in touch

Here is what people say.