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Improvements: Common Groups and deleting messages

As the numbers of groups rise in LearningStone, it’s becoming more important to jump from group to group to group. You can do this through My Groups (all your groups), through the groups that are pinned to your navigation bar (click on the star to unpin) or though the group list of a workspace (click on the link “Groups”).

We’ve just added a new way: “Common Groups”. Just click on a profile like Charlotte here and look at the bottom right. In most cases you’ll see just one group but if you are group-mates in more group spaces, you’ll see a list. These are the groups you have in common.


Clean up your messages!

You could already move messages from one folder to the other in the "Messages" area, send to groups and subgroups and  much more. As many of you have been collecting a lot of messages, you've been banging at our doors to be able to delete folders you made before in one go. We added this now. Simply click on the folder and the word “Delete” will appear to the right. 








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