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More than 100 improvements

Today we have released more than 100 improvements to MaxClass. We usually don’t tell you if we improve things and release improvements gradually. Now we’re releasing so many things so we thought we would tell you.
Any problems or suggestions? Or just plain happy? Let us know with the feedback button at the bottom of each page.


Better: new address lists

Based on your feedback we have improved the lists of people in each class or group. We will be adding more changes to this soon.


New print function

Print faces or lists of people from your class or group.


Export from classes or groups – including e-mail addresses

Managers only: do you need information for another application. Use the new export function.


New groups without parents / pupils

Useful for PTA and other types of groups! We called it a Simple group.


Board group *

Our team is working on a public part of a school. A bit like a website! If you have a school with a license then you can already add a board group which can show up on the home page of the school (in stead of the current School admins).


 Direct URL *

e.g. http://maxclass.yours-chool-domain.com

Send us the domain you would like and we’ll send you instructions


New settings for managers

Do you want to turn off that chat for pupils? Have a look at the improved settings page.


Better Tablet experience

More and more of our users are using tablets. MaxClass is getting better for you.


New technology with hundreds of improvements.

We hope you don’t really notice it but MaxClass is running on new technology that makes it even faster and safer and also gives us new possibilities. The new “Maximonster Communication Framework” has been based on our open source project Zotonic.com.


*Only for schools with a license

Copyright MaxClass