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3 free classes or groups per school

Are you using the free version of MaxClass? You can continue to do so but we are restricting the number of free classes and groups to 3. If you need more, you’ll need to upgrade. Still very low cost!


This is what you get when you upgrade:


All communication features that Max Free offers plus

-        Central management of classes and groups

-        Your own House style

-        Public pages

-        Share information across the school

-        Share calendar items (like holidays)

-        Ask us to import classes


My school uses the free version and has more than 3 classes!

No problem, you can keep going for free. You joined us early so we want to reward that. We do advise the license so that you can organize the school. You will not be able to add more classes.


My school is using the old "Max Basic" license.
No problem. You’ll keep paying the low price.

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