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New features

As of today we have released several new functions.

Click on the tab Gallery (next to Docs) and start using the brand new photo gallery. Make a new gallery and use the super fast uploads to fill it with pictures.

Better navigation
This release brings several  small changes based on user tests. Please note that the Invite link has moved down and is now next to the class name.

About class / group widget
A class manager can activate an intro about the class which appears on the class start page.

Turning functions on and off
A manager can choose to turn functions off. If for example the chat shouldn't be used, this can be turned off. If you only want the parents to see a function (like discussion), you can choose that too.

Reply via mail
A user can send a mail via  the inbox and then the recipient can now send it back via MaxClass even by replying directly by mail. E-mail addresses are not exchanged for privacy reasons.

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