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Archiving and moving members

We are happy to announce that we have released the following functions to help you end the school year.

Archiving classes/groups.
Under Settings you will find a new section called “Archive”. If you archive a class or group you will add the class to a list “Archive” – available for all users. You’ll see it appear next to the class tabs and in the list of classes.
An archived class or group is a frozen class: nothing is thrown away but all functions are switched to read only except for messaging (Inbox) making it possible to send message to old classmates.

Copying or moving members
If you set up a new class or group, it’s now easy to copy or move members of an old group into it.
Go to the “Organize members” page of the old group and click on “Move members”.
Now select the members you want to move, choose the destination and click on “Move” or “Copy”. Done!

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