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Welcome back (questions!)

Dear MaxClass users,

A fresh new school year is starting and MaxClass is getting busier again. Welcome back!
Next week we’re releasing a new version of MaxClass, but we’ll tell you about that later.

We received lots of questions about the new school year which we would like to share with you.

I already use MaxClass but would like to start a new class. Is that possible?
Yes, anyone can start a free MaxClass for the school or for a new school. If a school has a premium license (starting next week), the school manager will need to accept the new class but otherwise you can go straight ahead.
Go to “Classes and groups” and choose one of the buttons at the bottom to start a new class.
More questions about this here: www.maxclass.com/help-managers

How do I change the name of a class?
You can only do this if you are a class manager. Check “Organize members” to see who the manager is. Go to “Settings” and choose “Edit class name to change the name of the class.

How do I move members from one class or group to another?
You need to be a manager of two groups to do this. Go to “Organize members” of the old group and then “Move members” (on the left). You can choose to move or copy (better!) the whole group, or just the parents or pupils, or you can choose specific members.

How do I shut a group down?
If you are a manager you can choose “Archive” in “Settings” to do this. If you archive a class or group, it isn’t shown a tab anymore but you can always look it up under the tab “Archive” (which appears if you have archived classes).

How can I choose to receive less mail?
Go to “My info” (top of the screen) and choose “Preferences” and then notifications or e-mail settings. Don’t turn everything off as the school won’t be able to reach you anymore. 

Have a wonderful year!
MaxClass Support

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