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New: RSVP function in Calendar events

When you add a calendar item and check the RSVP box, each member will be able to click on “Yes I’m coming”. A small picture will appear in the calendar and the name will be added to the calendar item.


A group member can edit the details of the event to add comments. If you don’t want that, you can set the Calendar to “Read only” in Settings > Permissions.



How do I setup a set of meeting-slots?

Go to the calendar and click the week or day view so you can click on smaller timeslots. Here you give the event a name and then check the RSVP box.

 Just repeat this for each slot you want to add.


Send a message to the group with a link to the calendar from the INBOX or just add it to the wall on the start page. Members will receive a notification of that unless they have turned notifications off.

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