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New Release

Dear MaxClass manager or teacher,

Today a new version of MaxClass will go live. This is the result of months of work by our team. We hardly expect interruptions but it’s possible we’ll experiences some downtime. We apologize for that!


Kind regards,

The MaxClass team.


What will change?



The front!

Due to the emergence of mobile devices, we have decided to revise just about every bit of MaxClass. We’ve adopted a technique called "Bootstrap" (originally developed as an open source project by Twitter) so that all of the more than 200 functions of MaxClass can adapt themselves to all the different devices, browsers and screens. This does not mean that it will work perfectly in all circumstances but it’s an important step forward.



By popular demand, we have developed a new version of DOCS and the Galleries. The first two big differences is the design and the ability to create folders in folders.
Did you know that all files of MaxClass are stored in an environmentally friendly data center in Iceland? The underlying technology for this has been improved too.

After this launch we will continue improving Docs. Soon it will become easier to copy docs.


And much more...

This release includes dozens of small improvements that might have been based on your feedback. We are constantly improving MaxClass and we welcome all your feedback!

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