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Free upgrade for 3 months (valid until 1st of june)

Are you a manager of a MaxClass class or group and are you using a free license? Take the next step before the 1st of june! Upgrade for 3 months to a full school license, totally free and without any obligation what so ever.

 Why upgrade?

 - More members (until 1000 or 2000)

- Public pages: the school site MaxClass - see example

- The school will have its own domain e.g  http://yourschool.maxclass.com or http://maxclass.yourdomain.nl

- The school gets a school administrator to create and archive classes and groups

- Send messages to the whole school or specific groups

- School Administrators can create school events in the calendar, eg holidays

- Share files with the entire school

- Unlimited free archive of old classes: everyone can lookup old class mates but no content can be added. 


What does it cost after 3 months?

 After 3 months, the school may decide to go back  the free use of MaxClass or extend the license. Cost: 40 euro per month for the whole school (for 1000 parents and students). The license will only be extended with your permission.

What next?

 Just send us a message using the feedback button at the bottom of a MaxClass page and we'll take care of the res. Right now, the free school consists of separate classes. After the upgrade, the classes are temporarily closed and the manager of the class will be asked whether it's ok that the class will become part of a paid school (to avoid possible  prevent possible privacy violations).

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