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NEW: Did that email arrive?

As we keep improving our onboarding (the new speak word for: getting people to join your class or other group), we have found it of great importance to know if email is actually arriving at its destination. It’s good to know that MaxClass is a huge grinding message machine. We send out many thousands of messages per hour and have extensive logging systems to track what happens to the mail. Does the email address exist? Is the whole domain wrong? Does the mail bounce back?

We have now added a system to tell you if there is something wrong with someone’s email address. If there is, we’ll show that on the “People” page and on the “Organize members” area. A red envelope will appear with a link to a page telling you what’s wrong. Do you think the problem has been solved? Just choose “Clear errors” and we will close the error and continue trying to send messages. If you fix the email address if there was a typo, we’ll give it another try and only show the error if there are new problems.




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