• A new year

    Posted 01-08-2016, by MaxClass

    Het nieuwe schooljaar gaat van start. Het is mogelijk dat je een hele school beheert of alleen een of meerdere klassen of groepen (een klassenbeheerder) bent. Lees het volgende door en je kan van start. Vragen? Stuur die met de feedback-knop onderaan een pagina.

    Dit is wat je nu kunt doen... Read more »
  • MaxClass "Full" free until after the summer holidays

    Posted 06-06-2016, by MaxClass

    We often get asked for a discount on the first months of the premium version of MaxClass. And then we really always say yes, as we understand that you want to try it before you buy it. (we did actually already have a 30 day money back guarantee but that might be a bit short).
    So now we say to our MaxClass managers: feel free to use the premium version for free for three months. If you like it, you start paying 7.50 or 40.00 a month (per school, or a bit more for really big schools). Or if you don’t like it, you can just... Read more »
  • Improvements: Common Groups and deleting messages

    Posted 06-06-2016, by MaxClass

    As the numbers of groups rise in LearningStone, it’s becoming more important to jump from group to group to group. You can do this through My Groups (all your groups), through the groups that are pinned to your navigation bar (click on the star to unpin) or though the group list of a workspace (click on the link “Groups”).

    We’ve just added a new way: “Common Groups”... Read more »
  • Free upgrade for 3 months (valid until 1st of june)

    Posted 21-04-2016, by MaxClass

    Are you a manager of a MaxClass class or group and are you using a free license? Take the next step before the 1st of june! Upgrade for 3 months to a full school license, totally free and without any obligation what so ever.

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  • NEW: Did that email arrive?

    Posted 10-03-2016, by MaxClass

    As we keep improving our onboarding (the new speak word for: getting people to join your class or other group), we have found it of great importance to know if email is actually arriving at its destination. It’s good to know that MaxClass is a huge grinding message... Read more »
  • NEW: Log in with Facebook or LinkedIn

    Posted 09-03-2016, by MaxClass

    We have some exciting news! As of today you will be able to login to MaxClass with your Facebook or LinkedIn account (or just continue using the current log in). Our goal is to make it even easier to join a class or group.

    If you currently log-in with a username + password and prefer... Read more »
  • NEW: Add Many Members, the invitation wizard

    Posted 17-02-2016, by MaxClass

    MaxClass has a new way of adding members to a "simple group" (a group without parents / students) or of adding parents / gaurdians to add a class. Select Invite> Add Many Members and... Read more »
  • NEW: Private member folders and copying files

    Posted 24-03-2015, by MaxClass

    Have you been using MaxClass to share resources like Word docs, PDFs, images and video? You have been adding these group sharing folders in DOCS. Now we have something new: “Member Folders” that are automatically created for each member of the class or group. Member Folders are great for... Read more »
  • Green is so 2014! (New Feature)

    Posted 16-03-2015, by MaxClass

    Great news for house style lovers. Many of you have been pounding on our doors to be able to change the color of menus and tabs in MaxClass. We understand! You don’t want the bright green tab or other menu items messing Read more »