• NEW: Signup list planner

    Posted 10-02-2015, by MaxClass

    Do you want to create a signup list for events like 10 minute meetings with parents? Just have a look at the following two examples and then click on the calendar and go for it! Read more »
  • Problems with Chrome

    Posted 27-10-2014, by MaxClass

    After our recent migration and large new release last week we have received reports that in some cases MaxClass members that use Google Chrome as a browser are... Read more »
  • New Release

    Posted 16-10-2014, by MaxClass

    Dear MaxClass manager or teacher,
    Today a new version of MaxClass will go live. This is the result of months of work by our team. We hardly expect interruptions but it’s possible we’ll experiences some downtime. We apologize for that!

    What will change... Read more »
  • New: RSVP function in Calendar events

    Posted 10-10-2014, by MaxClass

    When you add a calendar item and check the RSVP box, each member will be able to click on “Yes I’m coming”. A small picture will appear in the calendar and the name will be added to the calendar item.... Read more »
  • Times zones and Calendar subscriptions

    Posted 12-06-2014, by MaxClass

    The calendar in MaxClass has been improved. Besides many small changes, the calendar now supports time zones and a link has been added to subscribe to the calendar in Outlook or other calendars. Read more »
  • MaxClass migrates to green servers

    Posted 14-05-2014, by MaxClass

    In the past week we have migrated all files on MaxClass to green servers run by GreenQloud in Iceland. Iceland is well known for its use of energy from renewable sources. All files like word, pdf but also images such as the pictures in albums have been migrated so the energy savings are considerable.


    For speed local caching servers are used to quickly serve the most used files.


    Want to know more about our green servers?

  • New: Pinning classes and groups to the topbar.

    Posted 24-04-2014, by MaxClass

    As you know, MaxClass offers schools with one or more classes or groups. Most users don’t see much more than the one group they are a member of.

    If you’re a manager of several groups you might have noticed that you’re were getting more and more classes and groups stuck to your top bar.


    To help you organize the classes a bit we introduced pinning to the top bar. All you have to do, is click on a star to favorite a class and it will remain attached to the top bar. Click on it again, and it will be gone as soon as your leave that group.


    If you’re looking for any other group, just click on My Groups and you’ll see a new so called mega menu fold out and show all the starred and unstarred groups you are a member of.




  • New Licenses and features

    Posted 19-03-2014, by MaxClass

    Last night a new version of MaxClass was released and numerous things have improved.

    We have added is a really nice survey tool and added an RSVP function and numerous other improvements. We will be telling you about all the new features soon. If there are problems with existing features, please let us know via the feedback link at the bottom of the page.


    The licensing system has also been improved so that it is easier to know when a school has grown too much within a specific plan.


    As we announced last year, schools with a Max Free account will not be able to grow past three classes or groups. If there are more classes or groups, it is not necessary at this time to remove groups, but you will not be able to add any new ones. See the license page for more details.

  • New feature: public website for schools on MaxClass

    Posted 06-09-2013, by MaxClass

    MaxClass focuses on private and safe communication at school and at home and we will continue doing so. Still, we have often heard that schools want a public section next to the private part. We now offer a free public website for each school – even with an own URL if needed. The public site can be made by Read more »
  • 3 free classes or groups per school

    Posted 06-09-2013, by MaxClass

    Are you using the free version of MaxClass? You can continue to do so but we are restricting the number of free classes and groups to 3. If you need more, you’ll need to upgrade. Still very low Read more »