• MaxClass & Technology

    Posted 30-11-2012, by MaxClass

    MaxClass was developed using some very special technology, the high speed open source framework “Zotonic” that was developed by the MaxClass team together with developers from all over the world using Erlang. Erlang – originally developed by Ericsson (Ericsson Language) is becoming popular at innovative companies like Facebook, Spil Games and Amsterdam based Interested in our technology? Interested in social media, high performance sites and Read more »
  • Wanted: MaxClass consultants

    Posted 02-10-2012, by MaxClass

    In the past year, MaxClass has worked together with others who have helped introduce MaxClass in a school. MaxClass is pretty easy to use but introducing a new technology in a school always requires attention and most schools profit from personal attention. MaxClass is looking for ... Read more »
  • Archiving or deleting?

    Posted 27-09-2012, by MaxClass

    Until now, it has not been possible to delete a class or group without asking MaxClass Support. We had introduced this as a security measure. but due to the fact that there are a lot of classes being made - some of which are tests and are without members - we decided it would be ok for managers to remove an empty class. And yes... Read more »
  • New Calender Settings

    Posted 15-08-2012, by MaxClass

    We received some feedback from international schools that there were problems with date settings.

    These have been fixed!


    MaxClass offers a calendar, a calendar summary on the start-page and reminders. Each calendar represents only one time zone. So if the school is in San Francisco and you enter 14:00, it will still be 14:00 if you see it in Amsterdam, assuming you understand that the school is in New York. Week-overviews are sent on Saturday 14:00 GMT and daily reminders are sent at 14:00 GMT too.

    Each user can change the frequency in the user preferences (My info / Preferences / “Select which messages will be sent by e-mail”)


    See for more info.


  • Cookies on MaxClass

    Posted 05-06-2012, by MaxClass

    European law is forcing site owners to provide information about the information they collect about users. We think that's a good thing! The news is that we need to ask your permission to use cookies, small text files that sites save on your computer. Our privacy policy has informed you about cookies from the day we started. By signing up, you are agreeing to these policies which state:


    "MaxClass automatically collects information about your use of the system. Where necessary, cookies are installed and registered. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer to help remember things like the correct language, which page you visited last. Cookies do not contain your address but may contain your IP-number. An IP-number or IP-address is the address a computer needs to connect to the internet. Cookies are also used for Google Analytics, a service that provides anonymous statistics about the use of websites."


    We will never share your name or address without your permission!