• Happy 2012 and happy tagging!

    Posted 05-01-2012, by MaxClass

    The MaxClass team wishes all our users and visitors a happy new year!
    We're making a good start with the new tagging functionality which has (finally!) gone live.

    Why tagging?
    If you have a number of parents in the school that have signed up to be in the PTA, it can be useful to tag them. By adding a tag they can be recognized as proud members of the PTA (as the tag is shown next to their name) and you can send a message to all the PTA members by choosing this tag while mailing to them. It can still be useful to set up a special group with all the PTA members in it (for sharing documents, posts, pictures etc) but with tagging you have an easy alternative.


    Another example can be tags for  focus groups, teachers or parents with specific knowlegde or tasks or a "student of the week" tag. It's up to you!

    Tags can be assigned on a class level or - for those schools that have a school license - for the whole school.

    For more information:

  • Calendar reminders has arrived

    Posted 05-12-2011, by MaxClass

    After a few weeks of testing, MaxClass Calendar has started sending out it's first calendar reminders.

    You receive a daily or weekly overview of all items in all classes or groups in one e-mail. A weekly overview is sent on Saturday for the coming week. Each user can change the frequency in the user preferences (My info / Preferences / “Select which messages will be sent by e-mail”)


    Please note: reminders are not the same as notifications. If you want to be notified that someone has added an item to a calendar, please turn that feature on (default is off) in your preferences.

  • A day at work

    Posted 01-12-2011, by MaxClass

    Photographer Jurriaan Hoefsmit shot Michiel Klønhammer and Atilla Erdodi. Beautiful pictures Juriaan! You make us look much better than real life! Read more »
  • Free full version of MaxClass!

    Posted 16-11-2011, by MaxClass

    The free version of MaxClass makes it possible to create free classes and use MaxClass freely (it's not a demo-account!). But the full version of MaxClass (yes we called it "Max Full") makes it possible for the school to share posts, calendar items, pictures and more with the whole school, makes it easier for the school to manage the classes and makes it possible to send message to all classes. It even adds a special manager group and a school skin to the school.


    Help your school try the full version for six months! If 10 people twitter about it, we give it away for free. After that you're free to use the free version of MaxClass again, without any limitation or to continue using the full version.


    Twitter the following:

    (-replace this with the name of your school-) is using MaxClass, the communication platform for school and home. Retweet!


    Please note: this offer is valid until the 25th of Febuary but can not be combined with any other discount, and is only valid for public tweets.