Code of conduct

Be nice!

This Code of Conduct is part of the general conditions of MaxClass. See: .

The MaxClass crew does not usually interfere with communication through MaxClass. That's private. But we reserve the right to intervene if we suspect that the following rules are violated. The bottom line is this: be nice and be respectful and we will not cancel your account and not report you to your school or the police.

Always report annoying behavior to a teacher, parent or the class manager. If this does not help, you can tell us about it using the feedback feature.


Discrimination, racism or sexism

You are not allowed to make racist, sexist or discriminatory comments about people in or outside of MaxClass. With this we also mean posting images, video or other media that people can perceive as discriminatory, sexist, racist or otherwise offensive.


Prohibited material

It is forbidden to post material on MaxClass that your school would consider inappropriate. This includes material from the previous paragraph, but also sexually explicit material and other content,  messages that are not permitted by law or that we find inappropriate for MaxClass, even if it is not visible outside of the classroom.


Bullying, stalking or other unkind behavior

It is forbidden on MaxClass to bully, stalk, gossip or behave in other unkind ways.

Just don’t do it.


Improper use

It is important that everyone uses MaxClass fairly. It is strictly forbidden to access classes which you were not either asked for or that you didn’t start yourself. Also not allowed: spamming, chain letters, pyramid schemes, commercial activities (without the explicit consent from MaxClass) and the use of the system for matters unrelated to the communication between students, parents and teachers. You are not allowed to give your password to anyone else.



It is prohibited to upload information (text, photos, etc.) if you do not own it or have no permission to use it. You are responsible for finding out if you are allowed to use the information on a website. MaxClass cannot judge that for you. It is also not allowed to use, publish or give away information or recordings (video, photos, etc.) of other MaxClass users.

You may not communicate financial information (like account numbers, PINs and bank statements) of others or yourself through MaxClass unless needed for a payment to MaxClass.



Most communication and interactions are logged (stored in a digital report). Class managers or teachers (including class managers) have permission to view the logs of their own class for educational purposes or to avoid harassment.