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Signing up and logging in  (8 questions)

Stopping, junk mail problems, more or less notifications / mail (8 questions)

Privacy (4 questions)

Questions for parents and gaurdians (4 questions)  

The wall and discussions  (2 questions)

Upload documents and pictures  (9 questions)


FAQ for Managers

Creating new classes and schools  (6 questions)

Licenses, upgrades and downgrades  (5 questions)

Managers: Creating groups, inviting, archiving and more (9 questions)

The beginning of the year (6 questions)

The end of the year (5 questions)    

Calendar and signup lists (6 questions) 

Importing  (3 questions) 

Tagging  (3 questions)

School site and page editor  (4 questions)   

Forms and Surveys (9 questions)




Privacy in MaxClass 

Code of Conduct


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