FAQ: A new year

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What now?

The new school year is about to start. You might be managing a whole school or one or more individual classes or groups. Read the following answers and you’re ready to go! Questions? Send them to us with the feeback button at the bottom of a MaxClass page.

This is what you can do now:

Archiving or removing old classes or school

By doing this, you prevent messages getting sent to e.g. parents that aren’t part of the school anymore. Choose Settings > Archiving or Deleting. A school manager can do this for all classes or a class manager can do this too. Do you want to close a test school or your own account? Send us a message with the Feedback button after you have logged in.

Creating a new class or group

Choose a button at the bottom of the class list (click on the name of the school and then “Classes and Groups”). More about new classes and groups.


You can add all parents to a class with the “Add many members” function (click on “Invite”). If your school has a paid license, you can ask MaxClass to import the whole school in one go. More about importing.

Moving parents or pupils

Click on Organize Members > Move Members in the old class and copy or move the members to a new class.


When your free school isn’t enough anymore, you can upgrade for 40 euro per month per school. You will become the school administrator and other class managers will give you permission to manage the school. The benefits of a paid plan.

Adding a school house style

If you have upgraded to a paid plan, you will be able to add a house style (logo, background etc) as you can see here and you can add public pages to the school.