FAQ: End of the year

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What to do?

If you’re a class or group manager and the year is ending, you can do several things: rename a class or group, stop the class, start a new one or copy members over from one to the other. You can also upgrade the license if you feel the need to have more control, add a house style and more. See licenses .


Not a manager?

If it’s the end of the year and you’re not a manager, you can go to your settings (click on My info / Preferences) to change your mail frequencies.

If you would like to start a class yourself, go to the tab “My Classes or groups” and choose to add a class to an existing or new school. You can also start e group voor een hobby or sports club, or for a training course.


How do I name and rename a class or group?

When you start a new class, you decide on a name. Try and use a name that fits in with the rest of the classes. Add a label like “2015-2016”, or “for testing only” or something that will make it easier to understand which class or group it is.

When you need to change the name, go to Settings and choose “Change name of class / group”.


How do I close a class or group? (Archiving)

Under Settings you will find a section called “Archive”. If you archive a class or group you will add the class to a list “Archive” – available for all users. You’ll see it appear next to the class tabs and in the list of classes.

An archived class or group is a frozen class: nothing is thrown away but all functions are switched to read only except for messaging (Inbox) making it possible to send message to old classmates.


If you really need to delete a class, please remove all but one member first. Choose Settings > Archiving or Deleting > Delete.



How do I move members from one class or group to another?

If you set up a new class or group, it’s easy to copy or move members of an old group into it.

Go to the “Organize members” page of the old group and click on “Move members”.

Now select the members you want to move, choose the destination and click on “Move” or “Copy”. Done!


I don’t want to be the class or group manager anymore.

At least one person has to be the class or group manager, so you can never stop being a manager if there isn’t someone else.

Ask the other manager to go to you profile on the “Organize members” and click on “Delete manager role”. You will still be a pupil, parent or teacher unless you were only a manager.