FAQ: Licenses

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Which license should I choose?

MaxClass is free for all end users and free for schools that only need a few classes or groups on MaxClass.
If you only need a few individual classes or groups, the free version is probably good be enough. If you need to manage a group of classes within a school and want to determine which classes are created, want more features or want to change the look and feel, you should have a look at the other licenses we offer.
Please check this page for the full feature list:
and the terms:


How do I check my license or upgrade?

Login to MaxClass and click on Settings / School Settings (in the class or school on the right hand side) and then “Upgrade  or change school details”.

Choose one of the licenses on the form.


What happens when I buy a license?

When you order a license, we will check it, activate it and send a confirmation. We will then send a separate invoice by e-mail which you need to pay within 30 days.
Once the license has been activated, a special group called “Managers” is automatically added to the school. It looks pretty much like a normal class, but the members are called school managers and they get special privileges. They become managers in all classes or groups, making it easier to control what is happening in the school.
The manager of the managers group is the “Administrator” who decides who is allowed in the group and receives notifications when new classes are made and needs to accept these.


Please note: if there were already free classes in the school at the time that the school was upgraded, the managers of those classes receive a message that they need to accept the new license. As a security measure the classes remain closed until the license has been accepted. By closing the class, you can be sure that the new licensee cannot enter a class without permission.


How can I downgrade or stop using MaxClass for my school?

When you buy a license, you get 30 days to try it out. If you don’t like what you see, just downgrade before the 30 days have passed and you can continue using the free version.

Click on the link “Upgrade or change school details” in the school settings and choose Max Free to downgrade to the free version.
Once you have paid for the license, we will not refund it if you stop using MaxClass during the license period. You are free to downgrade at any time and we won’t charge you anything again.

MaxClass will send an e-mail to the school and to the person who ordered the license warning that a new period will start, one month before the end of the period. You can downgrade until the last day of the old period and then continue using the free version.


How does MaxClass count users for licenses?

When you buy a license, you need to know about how many users are counted.

- MaxClass counts “seats” in a class or group. So all members are counted. If someone is a member of several classes or groups, they count as two members. That is why the lowest license allows for so many members.

- MaxClass doesn’t count the members in classes that are archived.

- School administrators can check the number of current members by clicking on School Settings > Account details.


Can I start a school and buy a license straight away?

Yes, you can. You can either try an individual (free) class or group first and then decide to upgrade (just follow the link ‘Upgrade’) or you can buy the license when you actually register a totally new school.


Does MaxClass ever give licenses away?

Yes, we do actually. If you work for a training facility or college for teachers or other educational professionals (or are a student there), you can apply for a free premium license. MaxClass is never obliged to give the license away for free.

Please apply through: http://www.maxclass.com/contact