FAQ: Inviting, importing, archiving and other information for managers

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What types of managers are there?

Class or group managers: in each class or group, there can be one or more class or group managers. They receive notifications of new members and can, like teachers, look at the chat log, remove members, see removed posts on the wall etc. Anybody (pupil, parent, and teacher) can be a class manager.

Teachers: teachers have the same rights as a class manager but do not receive the notifications about new members etc. A teacher can be a class manager as well but doesn’t need to be.

School managers:  if a school has a premium license, there will be a managers group (a special type of class). The members of this group are called school managers who can look at and manage any class in the school without having to be a member. They can also share files, add calendar events and start discussions for the whole school.

School administrators:  the managers group (license only) has its own manager called the school administrator.

The school administrator:

-          can do anything a school manager can do;

-          can add or remove school managers in the managers group;

-          can add another school administrator;

-          receives requests for new classes or groups in the school. The school managers do not receive these mails but can accept them on the class list (pending classes or groups are marked).

How do I become a manager?

The person who starts a class is automatically a “class manager”.  If the class already exists, then you can ask the existing manager to give you the role of manager too.

The person who buys a license becomes the school “administrator” automatically and can add school managers or another administrator.

There must always be at least one class manager in a class and at least one administrator in a school.  There doesn’t have to be a school manager.

How do I turn someone into a class manager?

Once someone is a member (any role), a class manager can move that person into the manager-area. The person will remain pupil, parent or teacher but will then also be a class manager.

If you want someone to become a school manager or administrator, you can do this on the “Organize members” page in the managers group.


How do I find out who the managers are?

Class manager: go to the class and click on “Organize members”. The managers are shown on the right.

School managers and administrators: if you are allowed to, you can look under “Organize members” in the managers group. Otherwise you can click on the school tab (next to the classes) and look it up there.


How do I create a new class or group?

1. Go to your School homepage (click on the school name on the left).

2. Click on the link “Classes and groups”.

3. Click on the button “Create new class or group in ...” at the bottom of the list.


How do I get a class or group going?

First you need to actually start it. Read more about that in the FAQ “Starting a class”.

Once you’ve got that done, you need to get the class going by inviting people.  Take the following steps

  1. Tell people what you are going to do. If possible, just tell people personally and ask them to respond quickly or otherwise send them an e-mail.
  2. Pick one of the methods below for adding or inviting members.
  3. Check if everybody has responded. If not – take the effort to remind them. There will always be a few late comers that need some extra attention.

This might be the e-mail that you send.


We are going to use MaxClass to communicate in the class. MaxClass is a new online tool that resembles platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook but are especially suitable for safe and easy communication at school. It can be for teachers, students and parents.

I will be sending you an e-mail from MaxClass asking you to sign up  (or log in if you already use MaxClass).

Please respond to that immediately – it takes a couple of minutes and after that we can post messages, send mail via MaxClass, store documents, upload picture, share the calendar etc.

See you on MaxClass!


How do I add members to the class?

A group manager can add members directly and automatically email an invitation or invite them by sending an email containing a link. Click on “Invite” at the top of the screen.

Choose “Adding:” if you know name and e-mail address as you will be able to send messages to the group immediately after adding them, even if they have not finished registering.

Every time you send a message, the mail will include a reminder to register or accept the invitation.

How can I import students or parents?

See Importing members


Which method should I use to add people to a class?

If you (the manager) have names, e-mail addresses and you know who is who, then it’s best to go straight to Invite and choose “Adding” members. By doing this, you can start mailing the members straight away and members can register when they get around to it.

If you only have e-mail addresses, you can send out a special signup link. In this case, the members cannot receive mail from the class until they have registered or logged in and until the class manager has accepted them by moving them to the correct role (pupil, parent, teacher, manager) in the “Organize Members” screen.

If you don’t have the e-mail addresses either, you can click on the Invite link and then print an invitation containing an invite code and simply hand it out. In this case you will get an e-mail when the user is ready to be accepted.

If you want you can also import members.

See: importing members


How do I name and rename a class or group?

When you start a new class, you decide on a name. Try and use a name that fits in with the rest of the classes. Add a label like “2018-2019”, or “for testing only” or something that will make it easier to understand which class or group it is.

When you need to change the name, go to Settings > General.


How do I stop a class or group? (Archiving or deleting)

Under Class settings you will find a section called “Archiving or deleting”.

Archiving (preferred!)           

If you archive a class or group, you will add it to a list “Archive” – available for all users. You’ll see it appear next to the class tabs and in the list of classes.

An archived class or group is a frozen class: nothing is thrown away but all functions are switched to read only except for messaging (Inbox) making it possible find and send message to old classmates.


If you really need to delete a class, please remove all but one member first. Don’t forget that members will receive an alert that they are being removed unless you set the silent mode on.

  1. Remove all members of the class in the “Organize members” page.
  2. Remove all waiting members.
  3. Flush the list of removed members.
  4. Go to “Settings” and open the section “Archiving or deleting”. Choose the button “Remove”. 

All content will be lost forever.


How do I move members from one class or group to another?

If you set up a new class or group, it’s easy to copy or move members of an old group into it.

Go to the “Organize members” page of the old group and click on “Move members”.

Now select the members you want to move, choose the destination and click on “Move” or “Copy”. Done!


When are notifications sent out?

A notification is an email that is sent out when something changes is or is added so that you don’t have to keep checking online. Any member can change the frequency of notifications (per group) in his or her preferences.

Notifications are sent out when:

  • something is posted to the wall, a discussion, news
  • a comment is posted to the wall or discussion.
  • a member is invited, removed or the role is changed.
  • a form is filled in (turn this on in the form settings).
  • the week is about to start (Saturday) an overview of calendar items is sent out.
  • an event will start the next.


There are NO automatic notifications if:

  • a class of group is added, deleted or archived.
  • a calendar item is added (this can be turned on by members).
  • content is added to Docs (this can be turned on by members).
  • something is added to School Docs.
  • someone signs up for a signup list in the calendar.


I don’t want to be the class or group manager anymore.

Someone has to be the class or group manager, so you can never stop being a manager if there isn’t someone else.

Ask the other manager to go to “Organize members” and click on “Delete manager role”. You will still be a pupil, parent or teacher unless you were only a manager.


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