FAQ: Parents / Gaurdians

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Can I manage my own children?

If a teacher or class manager has added you and your child to a class, there are two possibilities.
1. You can manage your child if he or she does not have an e-mail address.
2. You are connected to you child, but he or she manages her own account.
Choose “My info” en then “My Family” to see which child you manage. If you will see a button “Edit Child” next to his or her name if this is possible and then you can add pictures, address etc.


Are my children always connected to me in MaxClass?

No, children are added to each class but it’s possible for a parent to be in a class without their children or with only one of their children.


How do I add children to MaxClass?

If you child is old enough to manage an account, simply ask the class manager to add or invite him or her.

You can also add a child yourself, if your class manager allows this. Click on “My info and “My Family” and choose “Add child”.


I am member of class A and B. My child is only member of A. How do I add him to B?

This is only possible if you manage the account of your child (see first question). Choose “My info” and then “My Family”. Click on the button “Add to class”.

If this is not possible, you can ask the class manager to invite your child to the class.


My child has grown up and I want to give it, its own account.

If a manager or a parent has added a child without e-mail address, you can add the e-mail address later.

You can do this by choosing the child under “My Info” / “My Family” and changing its account by adding an e-mail address.

After saving a button will appear “Invite for own account”. The child will be automatically asked to manage his or her own account from now on.