FAQ: Starting new classes or schools

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Am I allowed to start a new class?

Anyone that really belongs to a class is allowed to start a MaxClass in the regions we currently cover. A ‘class’ can be a real class or some group of people wanting to work together (like the PTA or a special reading class). If you have any questions, please use the feedback function and ask us.


How do I start a new class?

After registering, you are allowed to start a new class. Go to “My Info” and then “My Classes” and choose “Find or start a new class”. You will need to find you school or – if you cannot find it – start a new school. Choose the school and then start a new class. Please use a name that fits with the names that are already used.


How do I start a new school?

You can only make a new school after searching for an existing one. If you are already sure the school doesn’t exist in MaxClass, just search for it anyway and a button will appear asking you to enter a new school. The school will queued for checking by MaxClass HQ and you will receive a confirmation when we have accepted the new school.

You can then search for the school again and start a new class.


Is anyone allowed to start a new school and does it have to be a real school?

You school does not have to be a existing school. If it is a existing school you must be a teacher, staff member or parent from that school.

If a school does not exist in the MaxClass database, you will be asked to add it. Anybody may do so but we reserve the right to refuse any school.


I cannot find my school but I am sure it already exists.

Please ask someone already using MaxClass to invite you to an existing class or tell you what the exact name is of the school so that you can find it. You can also try zip code, city etc.

If you have tried all this and still cannot find the school, please send us a message with the feedback function.


My school appears to be listed twice. What should I do?

Send us a message using the feedback function with the names of both schools and we will look into it. You can choose the school name and address that seems correct. We will merge schools if needed.


See: Inviting others