FAQ: Stopping, Junk Mail, More or Less Mail or Notifications

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How to stop the mail from ending in the Junk or Spam folder?

Sometimes mail can be seen as junk or spam mail due to its content or due the fact that a lot of mail is being sent from one sender to a mail server.

What you can in your email client?

If you found some mail in the junk or spam folder, you can tell your email client not to consider the mail as junk. After opening the mail in your spam folder:

- Outlook.com, Live, Hotmail: Click on “Not Junk” and: add “members.maxclass.com” and “maxclass.com” to the white list here.

- Gmail: Choose “Not Spam”

- Outlook desktop: Right-click or Control-click on the mail and choose Junk > Never Stop Senders Domain

- Apple mail: Click on “Not Junk”

- EM client: Choose Actions > Move to Inbox > Remove from Blacklist

What you can do on a mail server?

If two colleagues notice that mail is being filtered to a spam folder and your institution or company runs its own mail server, the central spam filter might be too strict. Ask the systems operator to add the following top the white list.

Domains: members.maxclass.com and maxclass.com

IP numbers: and


How do I prevent e-mail from being sent to me?

If you are a member and can login:
1. At the bottom of each mail, you can click on “Unsubscribe”.
2. If you want to set the preferences per group: login and go to My Info > Preferences > Notifications.

If you do not have a login name (you never created an account):
1. At the bottom of each mail, click on “Unsubscribe” to stop mail but stay in the group
2. You can decline the invitation to join the group.

How do I get out of a class?

Just ask a manager or teacher to remove you. This might be a teacher but could be someone else. Go to the class or group and click on “People” to find out who.


I don’t want to be the class or group manager anymore.

At least one person has to be the class or group manager, so you can never stop being a manager if there isn’t someone else.

Ask the other manager to go to your profile on the “Organize members” and click on “Delete manager role”. You will still be a pupil, parent or teacher unless you were only a manager.


How do I get out of MaxClass?

If you just want to stop mail coming from MaxClass, click on “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of a mail.

You do not need to leave MaxClass if for example your child is leaving school. The class will be archived with all the members in it and you will stop receiving messages. The archive can be used later to find old class members or download material.


Als je voor altijd verwijderd wilt worden, kan je dit vragen via “Feedback en Support” zodat ons supportteam je account geheel verwijderd. Dit wordt afgeraden!



How do I archive or delete a class? (for Managers)

 See information for managers