FAQ: Tagging

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Why use tags?

MaxClass offers several standard roles (pupils, parents, teachers, manager) but a group or class might have its own special subgroups or individuals that need to stand out. Tags help point out that someone has a special role but also lets you search for people with a special role or send messages to them. You might want to add a tag “PTA” or “Class coordinator” or you might want to tag one parent for each family as the main point of contact with the tag “Contact”.

You can do this if you are a manager or a teacher.

Once you’ve added a tag, anybody will see it on the profile pages and the tag will be available in the address list for searching and in the Inbox for sending messages. Now you can send a message to everyone that is tagged “PTA” or “Contact”. Isn’t that easy!


How do I organize tags? Class/Group versus School tags

If you (teacher or manager) are using a free class (see Licenses for more information), all you need to do is add a tag and you’re done. You can add tags on someone’s profile page or by clicking on the ‘i’ in the “Organize Members” page.

If you’re using MaxClass with the school-licenses (Full or Ultimate), you can also add tags that will be visible in the whole school.


How can I remove tags?

A tag can only be removed if nobody uses it anymore. So simply remove the tag on a profile page or by clicking on the ‘i’ in “Organize Members” page. Click on “Remove tags” and click on an x next to a tag.