FAQ: Uploading, downloading and sharing douments and pictures

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How do I upload and share?

If you want to upload and share documents or pictures, go to the class or group where you want to share a document or picture. Click on “Docs” for documents like Word, Open Office or individual pictures. Click on “Gallery” for uploading multiple picture galleries.

Now create a folder, give it a name and upload by dragging files into the bar above the file list. If there is no upload bar, uploading has been turned off.

What type of folders are there?

In Docs and Galleries, you can use the “group folders” to share files with the group. Access can be restricted so that you only view and not change the content of folders or restricted to only teachers or managers (click on “Edit” at the bottom).

Besides this, Docs offers “Member Folders” that are created automatically so that you can share files with the teacher or manager. Parents and guardians can always get into their children’s folders. Member Folders are great for sharing private files with the teacher or for creating portfolio’s that are accessible for parents and teachers.
If you go to someone’s profile page, you’ll find a link to their personal member folder.

Do people get notified about new Docs?

The default setting is that people do not get notified about new Files and folders in Docs or Galleries. This can however be turned on in My Info > Preferences > Notifications.

How do I download images or files? (Gallery or Docs)

For one file, simply choose the download icon next to the file.
For more than one, check the files (only in list view) and click on More > Download. Files will be collected in a zip file and then downloaded.
Click on the title for extra options.

How do I copy images or files? (Gallery or Docs)

For one file, simply choose the copy icon next to the title. A clipboard will appear at the top. Go to your destination and choose “Paste”.
For more than one, check the files (only in list view) and click on More > Copy.

How do I create a new folder or gallery?

In “Docs” or “Gallery”, you can click on “New Folder” above the list.  IF you are a manager, you can always remove or edit folders.

How do I decide who is allowed to see or edit folders?

If you add a folder you can choose who is allowed to see or edit the contents of the folder. If you need to change that later, you first click on the folder and then choose “Edit” (at the bottom) and then “Access Control”.

Can I share documents or pictures with the whole school?

If you want to add folders for the whole school, you have to be a member of the managers group (not available for the free license, see www.maxclass.com/ license). You can add a folder and decide who can see the folder and who can add or remove documents or pictures.