This privacy policy was updated on 17-5-2018

It is part of the terms and conditions of MaxClass. See:

1. Your privacy

MaxClass is committed to offering a private and secure system for students, parents, teachers and school staff. We will respect your privacy and never sell or give away information without your permission, but we also want to point out what risks you are running. Communication on internet is never completely secure due to human error, abuse by others, technical errors or mistakes by users. Please keep this in mind when you enter information about yourself or others.

2. Help us protect your privacy

- MaxClass will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your (personal) data against loss or abuse.

- Use a strong password with letters and numbers.

- Never give your password to anyone.

- MaxClass will never ask for your password by phone, e-mail or any other way except through the secure login screen or account page. Never e-mail your password or give it to someone on the phone. Passwords are encrypted in the system.


3. Your details

- MaxClass lets you or an official representative (e.g., parent or teacher) register an account which includes an address (e-mail, street etc.) and other personal details. This personal information is never given away without permission but may be transferred in an automated fashion by systems used by MaxClass or by third parties for analysis, reporting or for exchanging information from one system to the next (eg backups, payments through banks, etc).

What is private, remains private. We will never change your privacy settings  (for text, photos, etc.) without your consent.

- You will always be able to change your personal details.


4. Private but not anonymous

Profile information is not public in MaxClass unless this is explicitly indicated. We respect your privacy but you are not anonymous within the class or school.  It is possible that a teacher, class- or school manager or if necessary someone at MaxClass can look at your information or messages that you have entered. This includes messages you post and then delete.


5. What we do with your information

- MaxClass will send you messages about changes to MaxClass and/or new features. Mails may contain information about a sponsor (usually in the footer) but MaxClass will never send you commercial messages without your permission.

- The structure and content of the website may change based on your personal details. For example, there may be age-related educational products offered as ads in a side bar.

- School/classmates can see your details (depending on settings) and use that information to get in contact with you.

- Your details are combined with your onsite  behavior to collect statistics. These statistics (eg number of visits to a page) are anonymized if they are shared with third parties.

- If you choose an external log in method such as Facebook or LinkedIn, this account will be connected and the other site will know you log in. We will never post anything on the other site without asking.

- For technical and operational reasons it may be necessary for your details to be transferred to (the servers of) other companies in countries where the privacy laws are not the same as in your country. An example is when MaxClass uses storage or back-up facilities in the United States or a country in the European Union.

- If MaxClass is forced to do so by law, we will give away information such as personal details or usage statistics to legal authorities.


6. Do not bully or else

- MaxClass focuses on smaller groups where members usually know each other. Undesirable behavior can often be resolved within the group. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to intervene if users are being harassed, bullied or displaying otherwise undesirable behavior.

- MaxClass may block these users based on profile information, e-mail addresses or IP numbers.

- Always report bullying or other annoying behavior to a teacher, parents or class manager. If this does not help, please report it to MaxClass


7. Cookies

MaxClass automatically collects information about your use of the system. Where necessary, cookies are installed and registered. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer to help remember things like the correct language, which page you visited last. Cookies do not contain your address but may contain your IP-number. An IP-number or IP-address is the address a computer needs to connect to the internet. Cookies are also used for Google Analytics, a service that provides anonymous statistics about the use of websites.


8. View or change your details

You can always view and change personal details in your account. If you want to know what information is collected by MaxClass, you can always ask.


9. Other sites and widgets

MaxClass contains hyperlinks (for example in banners) that link to other sites. This Privacy Policy only applies to (personal) information that is collected in MaxClass. MaxClass accepts no responsibility or liability for (the operation and/or content of) other websites. MaxClass may contain widgets (small applications within the pages of MaxClass like a small game or video) which were developed by third parties. These widgets can only use information from MaxClass if you gave permission for this.


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