What users are saying

” I particularly like MaxClass because it is a cheap, easy to use and particularly effective platform on which our children, parents and teachers can connect with each other. ”

Jaap Verouden | Quality manager

”MaxClass it that much better! Especially since the school now doesn’t just publish information but actually facilitates communication. ”

Arend Runia, | Boardmember

”MaxClass is a great way to foster contact between school, parents and children. ”

N. Vermeulen | Teacher

”We love MaxClass because it helps us plan. Parents are just as happy because the adolescent brain isn’t able to remember everything. Many students forget their homework and on Maxclass everyone helps each other. ”

J.Verwest | Teacher

”MaxClass is useful as you now have more subjects to talk about when you talk to your kids about school(usually during dinner :-). ”

A. Heiden | Parent

”axClass is so useful because if you have any questions in the weekend you can just post it online. ”

N. Rasanajakam | Student

”Since we have MaxClass, our class is much closer to each other. MaxClass also helps us look up homework. It’s just likeFacebook but only with our own class. Very nice! ”

I. Kaasbrood | Student

”We love MaxClass as it’s an easy, modern way to exchange information. It’s a great platform for the“class parent”.

M. Mol Cornelissen | Teacher

”MaxClass really is a super tool for quick and easy contact with the teacher. The teacher is usually very busy and it can be difficult to ask something about your child. MaxClass makes that so much easier. ”

C. Vergeer | Teacher

”MaxClass helps parents stay involved with our school and makes it easier for them to get in touch with other parents and the school. ”

J. Race | Teacher

”Through MaxClass we get regular updates from the teacher. So now us busy parents stay informed and don’t forget anything. ”

R. van Duijn | Teacher

”Children can download documents at home when they have lost them, so they still do their assignments. Parents stay informed about school activities, so they can provide better support their child. ”

S. Cornelis | Teacher

”MaxClass is really useful!! If you need to learn something for a test, the teacher posts everything on MaxClass. My teacher also uploads videos and powerpoints on if we need to learn for a test. But that's not all. There is also a calendar and everyone can do something in it. . There is also a place for discussions. . The mailing list is also very convenient. ”

E. Popova | Student

”MaxClass is very handy and helps us with homework. We are get reminders about homework that must be made. MaxClass is great and I'm glad it's there. ”

E. Kusters | Student

”MaxClass offers a safe environment where parents and students can communicate and share documents and photos. It is user friendly and since we have it, we have much more digital contact with parents and pupils. ”

C. Simpelaar | Teacher

”MaxClass helps us as it’s a quick, effective way for the class to communicate and it’s fun to share pictures - which makes the class even closer. ”

N. de Bles | Teacher

”I’m working with a group of children in my son’s class writing a musical With thirty kids and five parents it’s a fun project. All the children help writing so it’s great that they can upload that through ‘docs’ on MaxClass. We can see how far everyone is. We’re going to post pictures of the rehearsals on MaxClass too. I’m really happy that I won’t have to receive thirty mails a day with CCs to everyone. ”

O. DeHeer | Teacher

"I think MaxClass is a good development as we (parents and children) can easily communicate with each other. While it used to be all emails and sharing phone numbers we now have everything together. MaxClass looks nice and uncluttered. Keep it up! "

D. W. Pietersen | Teacher

"As a teacher at an elementary school I had a good reason to start with MaxClass: Quick and easy communication, remote yet personal contact, the practical impact of improved partnership with parents.

It took me a while to discover that children think it’s a cool way of communicating so that I can use it for educational purposes too.

I think that if you’re using MaxClass for lower groups, it’s great for teaching children how to communicate using social media.

Finally, I actually like it that MaxClass displays educational ads are so that parents can discover new educational products."

L. Hidding | Teacher

”MaxClass is a very useful program. The advantage for us is that we can now share information so much easier. We publish all activities and workshops in the calendar. Coaches can easily keep in touch with members of the class who are ill. And everyone can contact their teachers and coaches when they are not around. And document sharing is fantastic. And everyone who works with it, just likes it."

B. Koekkoek | Wijkschool Feyenoord Rotterdam | Teacher

”MaxClass is my thesis topic for my study Modern Media and is an excellent social networking tool for my teaching groups. Communicative, safe, private and yet modern and contemporary. It helps us because we can communicate better and faster and can keep everyone up to date (students, training companies, teachers and possibly parents). "

P. Dark | Teacher

”MaxClass is the perfect environment for your class; you can involve parents by using the calendar, you can organize real meetings with parents, or use the documents for the latest newsletters.

The advantage for us is that you can use it everywhere, even in the lessons.

It helps us as we have decided to use less paper. MaxClass is certainly going to help with that. "

E. Reason Money | Teacher

"I am a father of a daughter in an elementary school, and I have started MaxClass a the class manager at the school of my daughter.

MaxClass makes it really easy to manage all the information on parents and children and it helps everyone to see each other just that little bit more and to stay in touch. ”

And it’s free ...MaxClass deserves a prize! "

V. Bar | Teacher

"I think MaxClass is the best site I've ever seen. I hope more and more people will start using it. ”

T. Kijzer | Student

"I am a parent of 2 children (8 and 9 years old) in a primary school.

MaxClass is a very good solution for communicating and exchanging files between parents in a class, and between teachers and parents.

The advantage for us:

  • a parent may be the manager, but can transfer the manager role to someone else.
  • the manager can enter e-mail addresses and use MaxClass as an easy mailing list
  • the parents can manage their own information (address, in which class are your children)
  • the parents use correct addresses / telephone numbers
  • there is going to be function for photo sharing
  • there is going to be a function for signing up for events (plan parent meetings, bring food for Christmas dinner)
  • as the new school year begins, data can copied to another class
  • as the children grow older they can start managing their own account
  • if you have children in different schools, you can the same system.

    It helps us as were already wanted to do all this but had to use individual sites for each class with Google but MaxClass is much better suited for our needs and easier to manage. We wanted the school system set up for us, but this is no longer necessary, there is a centralized system where we as parents can be in charge. "

    S. Muller | Teacher

"MaxClass is fun and modern. It turns the class into a social event. As a parent I feel involved in an innovative and honest way! MaxClass go for it!"

F. Berkel | Teacher

"I am an ICT coordinator of a group of schools. We use MaxClass to provide lessons for a chronically ill child at one of our primary schools. We use it for messages from the teacher and the classroom. We are still plenty of things to explore but it’s going well. It’s great that when we ask MaxClass a question they answer really quickly (for example, when we wanted to be able to upload flip charts).

In short, congratualtions! "

G. Borm | Leertij | ICT coordinator
”Dear Sir, I think this is a very nice program. Every school should have it. Kind regards, Esmee” (11)